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Date: April 19, 2005
Source: The Register
By: John Leyden

The majority of UK consumers and small businesses are yet to deploy anti-spam filters. A poll of UK residential email users and SMEs published Monday found 57 per cent have no anti-spam filtering installed, leaving them unprotected from spam, key logging and phishing attacks. Four in five consumers (82 per cent) have anti-virus protection, predominantly desktop scanners.

Most consumers (60 per cent) polled in the survey from email filtering outfit Checkbridge reckon that their ISP should be responsible for stopping viruses and spam. Only one in five (17 per cent) of consumers believe that it is their responsibility. A quarter (24 per cent) of people surveyed receive 50 or more spam emails a day. Approximately half of the consumers quizzed (47 per cent) said they would be willing to pay between 10-30 per year for the right filtering service. The majority of SMEs (61 per cent) said they would be willing to pay 1-2 per month per user for protection.
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