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Date: April 19, 2004
Source: Computer Crime Research Center
By: Ludmila Goroshko

The cyberspace boom has done much to foster the alarming increase in organised crime. This is one of the conclusions of the report on economic crime and transnational organised crime, presented at the April session of the Council of Europe's Parliamentary Assembly.

"European democracy, the rule of law, and the economic and political stability of Europe now hang in the balance." Presented at the Assembly's April session, the report on economic crime and transnational organised crime pulls no punches. In it, Italian Socialist Deputy, Vera Squarcialupi stresses that the computer boom has contributed largely to the frightening growth of organised crime, exploiting modern technologies to the full.

To take just one example, a criminal needs less than a minute to complete a money-laundering operation, but the police need eighteen months to investigate it.

"Further information technology developments will no doubt increase the speed, scale and complexity of computer crime", says the report. And that isn't all. The next generation of cyber-criminals will certainly be even more skilled and better funded, and more of them will choose to go it alone - so tracking them down will be even harder.

To broaden the knowledge and resource base of World Information Technology and Services Alliance (WITSA - Produced and Launched Globally Recognized Report on Cyber Crime)for its members, McConnell International designed, researched, and produced a report that analyzed the state of law necessary for E-Readiness in 52 countries. The report found that only nine of these nations had amended their laws to cover more than half of the kinds of crimes that need to be addressed. MI also organized and facilitated a launch event that attracted nearly 100 participants to dialogue with global experts from the Council of Europe, US businesses, and civil society.
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