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First computer hacker gives business advice

Date: January 19, 2008

HE WAS the first person ever to be tried for hacking.
Twenty years on Robert Schifreen is an acknowledged computer expert whose job it is to help others be secure and safe from crime.

These days he works as a journalist and consultant; his insider knowledge was much in demand recently when millions of recipients of Child Benefit found their personal details had been lost, and Robert spent a day rushing from studio to studio to discuss the disastrous lapse in security.

His fascination for computers goes right back to his early teens, when, he admits, he was a computer geek waiting to happen.

He was just 13 when he first started using the family computer, which was an Ohio Superboard II, around 1979, followed by standard types such as the Sinclair Spectrum and BBC.

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2008-01-27 13:33:40 - 20 yrs ago? Jeez. I feel old! Doug Woodall
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