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Nigerian puppy Internet scam

Date: July 18, 2007

It’s an old scam, with a new look, and people are falling for it. Con artists are now taking advantage of you as you try to add a fluffy friend to the family. Normally, you’d think of scams being for something you try and buy online, or perhaps even through email. But scammers are now trying to pull the heartstrings of animal lovers—from thousands of miles away.

The search for the perfect pet can be a challenge, and many will start that search at an animal shelter. But some turn right to the classifieds to find the perfect pooch.

For morning DJ Scott Steele in Cedar Rapids, getting a dog from the classifieds, almost meant getting duped.

“I got a reply back and as soon as I got the reply back something smelled wrong about it," Steele said as he described the scam.
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