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Child porn: prosecution problems

Date: July 18, 2005
Source: Bradenton Herald
By: Stephen Majors

... Rich Cunningham, who heads the Crimes Against Children unit in the Manatee Sheriff's Office, and the two detectives assigned to him are currently working on three active cases in Manatee County.

Across the spectrum of child sexual exploitation, from the conducting and filming of the act to the viewing of an image by someone else, parental oversight is the key to prevention, Cunningham said.

"If parents keep track of their computers and their kids, they won't have to worry about all this," he said.

Catching these criminals before their computer interests elevate into hands-on exploitation of children is extremely important.

"When you get the confidence, you get more complacent," Cunningham said. "That person has the potential of taking it to the next level. Not all those who possess child pornography are predators.

"But predators start that way."
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