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Wi-Fi hacker attacks rising

Date: May 18, 2007

Prepaid wireless network cards provide convenient Internet access anywhere, but in the wrong hands they can be misused to commit fraud.

And this amounts to an open invitation to "wireless hackers," whose numbers are proliferating.

Prepaid wireless network cards are the tool of choice because they leave no tell-tale fingerprints, which allows perpetrators to slip away undetected into cyberspace.

If card distributors were to confirm the identity of the purchaser, this could be avoided. But if the retailer skips the process then no record of the customer is retained. Police investigating a hacker attack may be able to track down the prepaid wireless card but they will be unable to find the hacker who used it.

To prevent their use in the commission of a crime, the National Police Agency will require distributors to push for more comprehensive customer background checks.
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