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Discussion : Child porn suit against Yahoo!

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2006-11-22 05:19:41 -
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2006-11-21 09:36:42 -
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2005-12-12 16:16:06 -
They need to look at not just chat rooms why do they allow they re search engines to take you to illegal site I have been on line a long time And never saw an illegal site now I find them all the time. why doesn't the gov. inspect sites before there allowed to hit the web. In other words create jobs to protect our youth. how hard would it be to get these sites up if your provider inspected what your uploading to the web. wouldn't be the right thing to do yahoo is one of the largest site engine in the world yet they still do nothign to prevent these sites from being on the menu. See my bigest problem is I cant filter them out unless I copy the address and manualy stop them from appearing. not only is this dagerous but impossible to block all together. YAHOO PLEASE STOP THIS CRAP FROM BEING ABLE TO BE FOUND!!!

2005-06-23 15:17:10 - You gotta know...
...what your kids are doing, who they are with, where they are going at ALL times. My kids are not allowed on the internet very often and when they are online, I'm right there with them. They do not have email accounts, they do not have instant messenger accounts, etc. They do not go to someone's home whom I have not met or at the very least, have spoken with on the telephone.

While child pornography is reprehensible and unacceptable, it's as much the fault of the parents of this minor child as it is the sick individual who took the pictures of this child and posted them.

Be a parent, not a friend!

2005-06-23 01:23:34 - innocent minds
First of all, to the parents of the children who were abused/photographed, I am ashamed to call myself an adult and a human for what those people have done. And also, I agree with a lot of the people whom have given their opinions, where are your parental controls on your computer, you must have them in order to protect your child/children. They must be supervised in order to keep them safe, no matter how much they may say they will hate you when you do attend to them accordingly.
Secondly, to Yahoo. This corporation allows anyone to go in any chatroom, make any kind of group they want. If you want to keep children from the adult rooms, you must put up a block. I chat in several adult rooms and the majority of people that roam in and out of those rooms are minors. You must put some sort of block that will allow minors from entering the adult chat rooms. That would be the first step to ensure that no child is allowed into them. You shouldn't punish all chatters because of one disgusting minded imbecile. It is your own fault for this lawsuit because you didn't have the right control over your website. Gain more control over your corporation before you punish everyone else for your own mistakes.
To the parents and to the members of Yahoo, you must take responsibility for the way you handle things, be it raising your child to know the difference between right and wrong, or be it putting some sort of child block on your chat rooms, light a fire under it people!!

2005-06-20 04:43:22 - quiet til now
First of all, To the parents of the children going online: Where's the parents of these children? Why are they not paying attention to where and what their children are doing online? and who would let a 6-13 yr old online w/out being supervised?? To the parents of these unfortunate children this happened to: Where were you when these "animals" were taking these photos and such of your children. Were you aware of it? and when you WERE What actions were taken against these sick "animals"?
Now for the Yahoo personnel: Shame: Attention needed to be given towards the chat room topic, investigated the ones that were suspicious and take action AGAINST these people that were participating by shutting these groups/rooms down and removing those persons accounts and profiles PERMENATELY!
For anyone aware of these rooms and actions not on the groups etc. Why didn't you report these findings and make a complaint?
Personally I've not ran across these chat rooms nor have I ever intentionally went looking for them otherwise I would have repoorted them. It is sad that the lack of supervision from adults on all sides of this situation that these innocent children are being put thru this. We need to 1. find these offenders and take action on them! not only the internet site/s that allow this to take place. Stop the offenders, get them out of our chats and behind bars WHERE THEY BELONG! Shutting Yahoo down won't stop what is taking place, these offenders will only go to other internet sites and do the same thing.

2005-06-19 08:13:01 - quiet bystander
Where are the parents at when this is going on? Why would you even let a 6-13 old on the net i wouldnt...and whats wrong with this sick perverted men they need some serious professional help.

2005-06-16 17:54:50 -
You People Need To Know Where Your Kids Go and keep your eyes on them!

2005-05-18 19:21:23 -
in my openon that is rong

2005-05-18 19:07:57 - John Doe
Money ist all they care about!

2005-05-18 13:38:54 - Anonymous
This is absolutely sickening how a respected (not anymore) company like Yahoo! would allow this behavior to carry on. It's repulsive and sad. These kids are exploited and they need to be saved. God help us all.

Total 11 comments
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