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Computer crimes to block business activity

Date: May 18, 2004
Source: Computer Crime Research Center
By: Timofey Saytarly

Crimes related to an unauthorized access to information systems communicated through the Internet or related to a break of physical exchange of information are the most spread amongst Internet crimes and computer crimes as well. Industrial enterprises, banks, commercial companies, state authorities and civilian population suffer from these attacks.

The Internet is widely used in banks (service payment on the Internet costs $0,01, using ATM - $0,27, phone services - $0,54 and cashier's services - $1,07), law enforcement agencies, military agencies, etc., i.e. these are objects which are critical to economy, national and international security of separate countries or citizens.

According to Computer Security Institute, the following methods are the most used among criminals: password cracking (brute-force) - 13,9%; IP-spoofing (replacement of IP-addresses, this method lies in replacing IP addresses of packets, transmitted to the Internet so they look like packets from internal server in the local network where all servers are trusted) - 12,4%; initiation of DoS (denial of service, impact on a network or its separate parts to hinder the order of its operation) - 16,3%; traffic analysis (sniffer, run-through and decoding the traffic with the purpose to collect information on keys, passwords, and etc) - 11,2%; scanning (scanner, using software that sort out various points to enter a system) - 15,9%; substitution of data transmitted by a network (data didling) - 15,6%; other methods - 14,7%.

How do these offences influence on a functioning of a company? A National High Tech Crime Unit conducted a survey among 105 companies in September-November 2003. Results of the survey showed that although computer crimes influence above all on the image (reputation) of the company, however it was admitted they can fully stop business activity.

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2004-05-19 14:13:20 - Scanning is not an atack in and of itself.... Sam Spades
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