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Russian hackers unite in organized criminal groups

Date: April 18, 2005
Source: Computer Crime Research Center
By: CCRC staff

This year's e-Crime Congress revealed that while partnerships between law enforcement agencies are improving - witness the presence attendance of senior figures from the US Secret Service, FBI, Hong Kong Police and Russia's MVD General Miroshnikov - the level of online crime continues to expand as organised gangs cooperate across borders to steal and extort over the internet at unprecedented speed.

According to Boris Miroshnikov, Russian hackers of the 90-s were common network hooligans, now they are organized in virtual groups, who earn impressive sums. Meanwhile, Russian IT specialists, unlike Russian hackers, give place to Chinese programmers and specialists from other countries developing this sphere.

Specialists are looking for an opportunity to attract serious governmental support of IT education and also to prevent leakage of young specialists abroad. Young programmers resort to hacking due to the absense of the enough level of employment in Russia. Russia, among the other European countries, express serious concern upon the counteraction to hackers. Though, according to some estimates, this problem is not actual for Russia because of the lack of computerization at the stragegic objects.

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