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Man charged with possessing hundreds of child porno images

Date: March 18, 2009
Source: Computer Crime Research Center

John K. Doubler, 47, who gave a 2016 Basham Lane address, was originally arrested in April 2008 and charged with one count of sexual exploitation of a minor.

Doubler was indicted by the grand jury in the March 2009 term and charged with four counts of sexual exploitation of a minor.

He was arrested Tuesday and booked in the Montgomery County Jail on a $5,000 bond and bonded out the same day.

According to Detective Ginger Fitting's warrant, Doubler allegedly possessed material including a minor engaged in sexual activity or simulating sexual activity that is offensive.

Doubler allegedly had materials depicting a minor engaging in sexual activity and supposedly owned hundreds of child pornography images and videos which he used to create sexual arousal for himself, the warrant said.
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