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CBI meet focuses on cyber crime

Date: March 18, 2008

GHAZIABAD: If one is a victim of cyber crime, one can file a direct individual complaint with the CBI. This was revealed by the special joint director of CBI, M L Sharma, at the inauguration of an 18-day ‘train the trainers’ workshop on Information Technology in crime investigation, which started at the local CBI Academy on Monday.

Sharma said in view of the growing instance of cyber crime, there is also a need for prosecutors who understand and present digital evidence in a meaningful manner, and judges who are not averse to taking up cyber crime cases for reasons of lack of understanding of present day technology.

Sharma explained that the workshop, conducted by the Interpol and the CBI, would train trainers of various police and investigation outfits in cyber crime detection. And these trainers would go back to their outfits to train others.

Sharma said on Monday, cyber crime "can be as innocuous as spam mail, or as complex as hacking that are capable of causing serious security breaches in the information systems of vital installations."

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