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Computer crime wins the fight

Date: February 18, 2007

The head of Britain's Serious Organized Crime Agency says that because of decades of faulty police work, crime kingpins have a one-in-20 risk of prison.

Sir Stephen Lander -- who chairs an organization created 18 months ago by merging several anti-crime agencies -- spoke at a meeting organized by The Times of London. He said the SOCA is still trying to deal with incompatible computer systems and files full of outdated information.

"It's because we've not been systematic about capturing that information or going out to find things," Lander said. "So things you would think we would have known we don't."

Terry Adams, who allegedly heads a crime syndicate known as the Adams Family with his two brothers, pleaded guilty to money laundering this month and faces a stiff prison term. But Lander suggested Adams is likely to be the exception.
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