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Cybercrime shopping list study points to falling prices

Date: December 17, 2013
By: Paul Rubens

ancy a bank account with $300,000 (£184,000) in it? If you know where to look and you don’t mind dealing with cybercriminals then the going rate is just $300, a study of the hacking underworld suggests.

For that you’ll get the bank account details, plus online username and password providing you with full access to the money.

For criminal buyers that price is a steal compared with the sums they were paying as little as two years ago. Back in 2011 the most they could have expected to acquire for $300 would have been a compromised bank account with just $7,000 in it, and probably less, the researchers say,

The investigation was carried out by Joe Stewart, director of malware research at Dell SecureWorks, and David Shear, an independent researcher.

The pair have monitored Russian and other criminal forums on the internet in which financial details are traded.

Mr Stewart says that the price of all sorts of stolen financial information has fallen sharply over the past year on hacker black markets, and suggests this is the result of some large scale data breaches that have occurred during the period.

The glut in supply could continue for some time. “I think that there is a lot further for prices to fall,” he say

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