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Hacker raised the wages for himself and for colleagues

Date: December 17, 2004
Source: Computer Crime Research Center
By: Timofey Saytarly

A hacker having illegally accessed to the database of the one large Russian company in Tyumen has raised wages for himself and for several drivers of the shipping department.

On December 2003 rate-fixer noticed the wages of two drivers distinctly increased. Chief of the department ordered to conduct the audit. Five drivers and 24 y.o. economist of the Division of Labor and Wages were suspected.

Security Service of the company having talked with drivers found out that the young economist committed fraud and caused significant financial losses of the company.

All computers of the company were connected to the local network. Being informed about the database of the accountant program “Wages” was on the shared disk", offender cracked a password and made necessary changes.

Having raised the wages of the drivers he required a certain premium from each driver. In such manner offender were operating during 6 month and managed to steal more than $ 6’000.

Nevertheless, the Company’s Heads positively characterize the ‘criminal economist’. He is a high skilled programmer; he developed the special program for the autopark of the company.

However, Main Investigative Department in Tyumen region initiated criminal case on this fact.
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