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Discussion : SBC Unresponsive to, Identity Theft, Internet Fraud, Complaints

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2004-11-18 23:05:49 - guest
I found SBC to be very responsive in handling my compaints. Did you send a request for a direct response as noted in thier auto responder?

2004-11-18 20:30:07 - Cyber Investigator
Spending the vast majority of my time investigating complaints of online fraud and other types of online crime, most people would be shocked at the unresponsiveness of many ISPs, SBC amongst them.

Most ISPs are very slow to react when confronted with in-progress internet crimes and their customer service and other contact personnel have little or no knowledge on how to assist law enforcement.

Many get hung up on privacy issues when such issues are not a concern or the information being requested is not covered by ECPA or there is an imminent threat of death or bodily harm.

Even better is the fact that many ISPs are not even logging IP addresses assigned to customers, thus making it difficult if not impossible to track a person.

I could go on and be more specific, but why irritate myself. Cheers!

2004-11-17 20:08:21 - guest
Clearly the system is broken. More needs to be done to shorten response times to reports of blatently obvious online crime.

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