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Spam Problem to be Solved Once and For All by Patent Pending Methodology From CapeMax

Date: October 17, 2008
Source: Computer Crime Research Center

BERLIN, Conn., Oct 16, 2008 /PRNewswire via COMTEX/ -- CapeMax, LLC proposes to solve the global spam problem once and for all by employing a new patent pending methodology. This methodology deals with the fundamental issues that allow spammers to dominate today's email system. It will be able to realistically hold spammers accountable, enforce penalties, progressively isolate spammers and ultimately create a spam-free email environment. In addition, the methodology is designed to provide significant time saving functionality and address deeper aspects of the spam problem, specifically issues with permission based email marketing and phishing schemes.
Key aspects of how this new methodology works from a user's perspective are illustrated in 3 online demonstrations at Additional depth on system use and operation is detailed in the website's "Learn More" section, specifically a preliminary guide called Being Part of the Solution. The "Learn More" section also provides a conceptual introduction called What To Do About Spam and another overview called Why Other Anti-Spam Efforts Fail, which illustrates some problem/solution issues further.
-- Demo I shows how fines can be imposed to provide primary spammer accountability.
-- Demo II introduces a system for automatic email organization that can save time by making email checking more productive, while also addressing issues with permission based email marketing and phishing schemes; a section within the Being Part of the Solution guide details the system functionality that addresses these issues, see "Mail Purpose Typing".
-- Demo III shows more on how fines can be imposed to provide accountability in relation to the "Mail Purpose Typing" introduced in Demo II.
This new approach to the spam problem is being introduced through CapeMax's "Vote To Fine Spammers" campaign and the respective website The purpose of this campaign is to show people the system concepts and find out if people want this type of solution to the spam problem, which has been estimated to cost in excess of $100 billion globally. Those who like the ideas behind a CapeMax email system can vote for it by pre-registering. There is no cost to pre-register and anyone that joins during this early stage will enjoy "Founding Member" status and be entitled to some exclusive benefits once the CapeMax email system goes live. Some of these "Founding Member" benefits are listed in the website section called "Top 10 Reasons Why You Should Pre-Register Now", while other benefits have not been announced yet.
With positive interest, CapeMax will pursue a beta system launch and scale capacity through methodology licensing to interested service providers. These stages are summarized online in a "Migration Plan". CapeMax's "My Net Builder" system, an active feature for pre-registered members that allows people to invite others to join, will facilitate the bold transitions outlined in the "Migration Plan".
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