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Stop Rising Hacking Attacks

Date: October 17, 2007

Citing figures submitted by the Ministry of Government Administration and Home Affairs (“MOGAHA”), Grand National Party Congressman Lee Sang-bae of the Government Administration and Home Affairs Committee confirmed yesterday that the hacking attacks on government websites have been on the steady rise. In 2004, for example, 3,907 attempts were made, which rose to 4,549 in 2005, and to 4,286 in 2006. As of September this year, hackers tried to breach security 5,881 times.

Hackers have caused several types of damage. Worm viruses harmed security in 4,929 cases and fake proxy servers in 582. Also, hackers’ attacks distorted homepages in 187 cases, and resulted in the leakage of protected data and information in 134.

80 percent of the attacks targeted e-government customer service centers of the central and local governments, and individual agency homepages.

In the face of the burgeoning number of attacks, all the Roh administration did was to increase the security budget. In 2006, the budget amounted to $92 million and rose to $101 million this year.
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