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Discussion : Loosing money in scams

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2009-01-10 16:51:46 -
Steve Colescott, bi-sexual predator on is [email protected]

2007-02-26 07:45:20 -
The information I found here was rather helpful. Thank you for this.

2007-02-22 16:03:34 -
Nice site you have!

2006-10-24 08:39:40 -
Greed is the key that usually unlocks the wallet of the foolish. It still beats my imagination how a faceless bandit would talk somebody into parting with his savings in the fraudulent expectation that the person's account would host some imaginary millions of dollars.I think victims of what is locally called in Nigeria, "419" are either very greedy and stupid or are potentially very fraudulent: hoping that when the phantom millions of dollars rest in their accounts they would themselves fleece the "stupid" Nigerian guy.
Lets face it, no-one due for millions of dollars would go looking for just anybody to deposit the money with absent all the neccessary safe guards.
As long as greedy people abound all over the earth this scam would continue to consume people.May I add that the word "scam" is not Nigerian at all.It is English and that means this crime has been there all the time before the very few beyond redemption Nigerians accessed the unsatiable greed of some foreigners and began to exploit it in a new way that regretably seem to have flummoxed the unwary and of course those who inexplicably believe that their superior intelligence over the black man would be brought to bear on the whole saga.
They always learn the hard way that the Darwins theory on skin colour is a complete farce and that fraud is not allergic to skin pigmentation.

Total 4 comments
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