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Carder case, Byelorussia

Date: August 17, 2005
Source: Computer Crime Research Center
By: CCRC staff

Byelorussian hacker has hit a peculiar record with a criminal scent. He caused more than 15 million USD damage to 37 banks of the world, specifically to the banks of the US, Switzerland and Luxemburg.

The virtual thief was detained and a criminal case was instigated. Police proudly claimed that they put an end to the largest virtual criminal group.

The hacker was arrested in one of the Minsk shops. He tried to use the forged plastic card. He has been receiving information on bank cards of rich people from his "business" colleagues for two years. He cooperated with guys from Ukraine and Russia where forged cards were produced and money was withdrawn.

Nowadays every fourth Byelorussian has his own credit card. The only desire to rob his fellow countrymen let him down. Claims of local inhabitants helped to arrest the criminal.

The plastic card has more degrees of protection than any paper bank note. Nevertheless, cards are forged more often. The main point of success is negligence of the owners. Some people even write the pin-code at the card. 2 billion USD is stolen all around the world using forged credit cards annually.

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