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Data security laws

Date: April 17, 2007

The Direct Marketing Association has again called for legislation that would create a national standard for notifying consumers in the event of the loss or theft of personal data without impeding the legitimate exchange of data necessary for electronic commerce.

The Senate Committee on Commerce, Science and Transportation is expected to introduce a data security bill in the next two weeks. In a letter sent last week to committee leaders the DMA outlined the principles it supports for any data security legislation.

“When we apply for a car loan, shop online or swipe a debit card at the grocery store, it is the responsible collection and use of personal information that makes these convenient and quick transactions possible,” said Steven Berry, DMA’s executive vice president for government and consumer affairs, in a statement. “To maintain trust in today’s information-driven economy, we must ensure that the personal data that makes electronic transactions possible is vigorously protected against theft, fraud or unauthorized use.”

Members of Congress introduced security breach bills earlier this year, and the industry has been following the action closely to see whether a federal bill will be passed.
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