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Hackers always one step forward

Date: October 16, 2007

Like many organisations, American Century Casualty Co. (ACCC), an insurance company based in Houston, US, used to insist that its network access be restricted to users on the corporate LAN (local area network), as narrates Charlie Rubin in a recent article in Communications News (

ACCC had to think of a policy change ‘during the year-end holiday break in 2006, when some of the state-wide claims managers asked if they could do some work from home’. However, Stephen Gentilozzi, the company’s IT manager, had no real solution for the managers at the time.

“We gave them access through our Citrix client as a temporary fix, but we also started looking for a permanent solution that would satisfy our users as well as our own security requirements,” he would recount to Rubin. “The goal was to eventually provide some 150 claims managers, field appraisers and other executives with anytime, anywhere access to the corporate network, with full security.”
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