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Personal data of Britons found in the US

Date: October 16, 2006
Source: itWorldCanada
By: John E. Dunn

The personal records of thousands of U.K. consumers have turned up on a computer recovered from criminals in the U.S.

London's Metropolitan Police Computer Crime Unit reported that 83,000 email addresses, credit card numbers and online transaction files had been discovered on the PC during an unspecified operation by U.S. authorities.

The files are believed to have been stolen from around 2,300 computers using some sort of backdoor Trojan infection able to log passwords. U.K. police are now busy contacting the people involved, as well as their banks and ISPs where appropriate.

Police have yet to reveal which piece of malware was involved nor how far back in time the theft might have occurred. Likewise, the identity of the U.K. bank or banks involved has yet to be made public.
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