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Discussion : Fighting terrorism propaganda on the Internet

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2007-01-15 08:29:41 -
IMHO, the above is legalistic defeatism!
Big modern states anyway have far greater resources than the terrorists. You claim that the terrorists' sysadmins can restore their sites in a few hours? Why not unleash repeated robot-based hacking attacks - to deface their sites in various ways every few minites? Adding mocking and one-per-every-5-seconds pop-ups to jeehad-propaganda webpages? Why not create a kind of false "national-liberation" sites - almost autentic yet with "slight" differences that matter? Like false newspapers both parties printed during the WW2! To make the arrogant trigger-happy bullies look even more stupid and ridiculous and/or to mislead their brick-minded followers in wrong directions! To play different terrorist extremist factions against one another - like a tailor from the fairy tale who provoked two giants' mutual fight and killing! Automated systems breaking codes and wreaking havoc every few minutes are needed! And - maybe even better - why not electronically bankrupt those immoral totally unprincipled (or, on the contrary, principled wrong-way) banks and "charity organization" that transfer and launder moneys for terrorists? The civilization (that's right, THE civilization) always defeated all savages till the 20th century, when masochistic and/or fatherland-hating sissies started talking about the alleged need of "white gloves" when clearing garbage, when they started howing about "inhumanity" of using more massive and more sophisticated resources against bandits than the bandits themselves possess. But why a cop shooting a resisting yet unarmed citizen somewhere in Europe or America is okey, while peace-making troops using gases or napalm against resisting armed bandits in Asia or Africa is "a war crime"? In both cases the superior armaments win. Use missiles to annihilate terrorists and let them try to retaliate with explosive-laden trucks if they can. Let me assure you that missiles are far more efficient. The same principle applies to the cyber-warfare. The victory will belong not to sissy PC-wizards, who want to play Santa Klauses to criminals and victims alike, but to tough PC-wizards fighting for the right cause of the civilization. Then it will be the civilization's victory as well. Otherwise within some 20 years those very same liberal sissies will see only ayatollahs and other "great leaders" in the Web instead of their favorite porno-sites and learn that the real all-pervasive oppression in politics, economy, religion, marriage etc is far less "pleasant" than the virtual BDSM-fun catering to the tastes of, it seems, many of those geopolitical submissives.

2006-06-12 21:03:12 - xt

2006-06-12 21:00:39 -
Please provide proof that "computer hacking is a tool of a criminal, not defender" this seems like a very nieve comment, ever heard of Hacktivism?

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