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Internet scam involving Roads and Traffic Authorities

Date: July 16, 2006
Source: ABC News Online

The New South Wales Roads and Traffic Authority (RTA) has launched an inquiry into drivers using the Internet to trade demerit points, to avoid losing their licences.

Thousands of infringements are reissued every week because motorists claim someone else was driving at the time.

RTA spokesman Alec Brown says the scam is being investigated and anyone caught taking part faces big penalties.

"Already anyone convicted of falsely nominating runs the risk of a fine up to $550," he said.

"But more than that, they can also be charged with fraud offences and that's a fine of up to $22,000 and jail terms of up to two years."

Mr Brown says the RTA is investigating and is considering increasing the penalties for people who trade demerit points.

"What's been brought to our attention is that some people are using the Internet to try and trade in demerit points," he said.

"It is an illegal practice, that's why we've launched an investigation to determine the extent of this practice on the Internet and we will be considering tougher penalties for those who trade in demerit points."
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