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Europol gathers cybercrime experts

Date: June 16, 2006

This week computer experts from the EU Member States have been exchanging their views on how to stop the increasing number of crimes which are carried out in cyber space. Information technology and other forms of modern high tech are increasingly abused by Organised Crime groups.

Experts who congregated at Europol received training on one of the most dangerous phenomena in high tech crime called BOTNETS also known as “zombie army”. Malicious codes installed into unaware victims’ compromised computers allow hackers to remotely take control of those machines eventually attacking other computers over the Internet.

The four-day training course, which was delivered by experts from Microsoft, was attended by 22 participants from High Tech Crime Units in the Member States’ competent authorities. The national experts were shown methods to investigate and analyse intelligence produced by hackers’ illicit activities on the Internet. They also discussed how to identify trends and threats in the digital environment.

“The threat of BOTNETS, and other forms of malicious cyber activity, can only be addressed though partnerships between governments and the private sector. Microsoft is proud to have the opportunity to share its expertise with Europol and investigators from the EU Member States” says Horacio Gutierrez, Associate General Counsel for Microsoft Europe, Middle East and Africa.
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