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Microsoft Windows will be a secure system

Date: June 16, 2006
Source: ITNews Australia
By: Preston Gralla

Microsoft has long received criticism that Windows is an insecure operating system, and that basic maintenance tasks such as backing up a hard disk are too difficult to accomplish. In that criticism, Microsoft recognized an opportunity, and so it created Microsoft Windows Live OneCare, an all-in-one security and maintenance suite, designed to protect PCs and keep them running in top condition.

OneCare is a reasonably priced, well-integrated security and tune-up solution that will be welcomed by beginning and intermediate PC users. But power users and small businesses may be disappointed because the suite lacks some important features, with a notably weak backup module.

The best thing about Windows Live OneCare is how well its different applications combine into a single solution, and how well OneCare itself integrates into Windows. OneCare's main control panel replaces Windows XP's normal Security Centre. From this one location, you can use and customize all of the suite's features, including anti-virus, anti-spyware, a two-way firewall, computer tune-up, and backup. Because it replaces the Security Centre, it acts as if it were a normal part of the operating system.
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