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Paris Hilton computer virus

Date: April 16, 2007

Even your computer isn’t safe from Paris Hilton’s cooties. A new virus, disguised as an email has been spamming computers with promises of the over-exposed heiress doing what she does best: posing naked. According to this article, a computer security firm has discovered a malicious virus that attacks the user’s system after being opened from their email.

Security firm Sophos said a new attack is using a lure of images of celebrity heiress Paris Hilton in a state of undress in order to invade users’ systems. Spammed email messages with subject lines such as “Hot pictures of Paris Hilton nude,” and containing images of porn star Jenna Jameson, have begun circulating this week, Sophos said. The emails link to a website containing the Troj/Iffy-B trojan horse, which links to more malicious code exploiting the animated cursor bug patched by Microsoft this week.
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