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Hackers in Qatar

Date: April 16, 2007

The Institute of Internal Auditors Qatar Chapter has held a seminar on IT security that dealt with computer hacking on ‘Watch the Hacker in Action’.
Balwant Rathore, an IT security professional from the UK-based OISSG (Open Information Systems Security Group), showed how queries and search made in an Internet search engine, could reveal usernames and passwords, personal emails, contact lists, information like credit card details and confidential company reports.

Internet search engines has become useful tool not only for bona fide individuals but also for hackers who used them unethically, he said.

Commenting on latest techniques and tools developed in the last 24 months by attackers, Balwanth explained how a server could be hacked remotely, websites defaced, applications and databases exploited. He also showed how an attacker could get inside an encrypted wireless LAN.
He demonstrated the anatomy of an attack over an IT infrastructure.

Balwant said: “IT professionals must learn the bad guys’ techniques so they can keep an eye to ensure their crown jewels aren’t ending up in the public domain”.
Rathore gave tips on conducting IT vulnerability assessments and taking necessary measures to counter common Internet threats.
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