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More flaws from Adobe, Microsoft

Date: March 16, 2006
Source: InformationWeek
By: Gregg Keizer

Adobe on Tuesday warned that multiple critical vulnerabilities in its Flash media player put users at risk, possibly from drive-by downloads, and urged all to update immediately to the patched edition.

Microsoft also issued a security advisory Tuesday to tell customers of its Windows XP, Windows 98, and Windows Millennium operating systems -- all of which are bundled with a flawed edition of Flash -- to also update their players.

Security vendors quickly chimed in Wednesday. Danish vulnerability tracker Secunia, for example, labeled the threat as "highly critical," its second-highest warning rating.

Although Adobe didn't specify the bugs, nor give a total vulnerability count, its advisory indicated attackers would have to create a malformed .swf (Flash content file) and dupe a user into opening it.

"These vulnerabilities could be accessed through content delivered from a remote location via the user’s web browser, email client, or other applications that include or reference the Flash Player," Adobe's advisory read.
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