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Computer crime at workplace

Date: March 16, 2004
Source: Computer Crime Research Center
By: Timofey Saytarly

Zaporozhye region, Ukraine, police arrested a bank local department's employee who allegedly appropriated $20 thousand and more than 16 thousand UAH (about $3 thousand) with help of simple machinations.

27-year-old man held a position of an account manager in the individual business department of the bank. From May till December 2003 illegally issued 75 credit cards for men of straw and set financial limits in national and foreign currencies at the total sum of 130 thousand UAH (near $25 thosand). Then he got these cards and using access to internal bank networks withdrew all money provided for the limits. Prosecutors revealed illegal enrichment of the bank employee while carrying out planned audit of the bank.

Young man is reportedly charged of grand larceny by abuse of official position under Article 191 part 5 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine. Almost all these funds will be returned to the bank.

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