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Cybercrimes virtually unheard of: Roberts

Date: February 16, 2008

Cybercrime is a worry to Fiji, says the Fiji Employers Federation.

Federation chief executive Ken Roberts said it might exist in Fiji but the community was unaware unless the "victim said so".

He said it was a worry for banks in regards to ATM thefts and other computer-related thefts.

Mr Roberts said the federation was aware of stolen credit cards being used to withdraw money through ATMs.

This comes as the Australian Institute of Criminology said cybercrime was a real threat for Australian business, with the increasingly computerised work environment.

Oceanic Communications managing director Jonathan Segal said it should be a worry but at the same time, Fiji needed to be realistic about the possible threat.

"With regards to people locally instigating cybercrimes, the laws here do not seem to be up-to-date or even on the drawing board when it comes to prosecuting such crimes," said Mr Segal.

"That means that Fiji can find itself under pressure from foreign governments that have their own citizens attacked via Fiji," he said.

"It can mean that Fiji could attract undesirable individuals who are interested in exploiting or taking advantage of the lax laws we might have."

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