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Ex-Cobblers star hit by internet cash fraud

Date: January 16, 2008

A former Northampton Town player is warning people to be on their guard for fake emails after he and his wife were defrauded of thousands of pounds by internet conmen.
Ray Price, who turned out for Northampton Town in the 1960s, wants to warn people of so-called 'phishing' after his wife accidentally gave away vital information after receiving an email seemingly from their bank, Nationwide.

Mr Price said: "It is a big blow because it is a big chunk of our pensions they have taken.

"It's a shame because we have blocked off lots of this type of email before from banks we don't have accounts with but this one seemed genuine.

"You can let your guard down for a minute and you're thousands of pounds down.

"I want to use our experience to warn other people not to respond to tho
se sort of emails."

Mrs Price received an email asking her to enter her internet banking password details.

She complied and it is believed the fraudsters used the details to access the couple's online account and take thousands of pounds.

A second, larger, transaction was only stopped after the bank became suspicious.

Mr Price said: "My wife has been in tears over this, blaming herself, but it isn't her fault at all. She's an honest, trusting person who has been conned.

"It wouldn't be repeatable what I think of the people who have done it.

"Suffice to say I've done a few heavy workouts on the punchbag since it happened with them in mind."

Although Nationwide have promised to refund their stolen savings, the Prices have no idea when that will be.

A Nationwide spokesman said: "Nationwide will never request confidential information or security details in an e-mail."

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