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Discussion : Lodi fire captain arrested on rape, child porn charges

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2007-04-11 19:32:41 - O.
Typical teenage lies. We were all teenagers at one point of our lives, when we said one lie it led to the next, as well as for a long time. Their adoptive child just didn't know what to quit, and as for now it's led way to far.

Mike Tecklenburg is not a sex affender, he's a hero.
If only the judge could have seen it in the ways of a child, instead of an ass

2006-09-28 00:38:46 - T.B
mike tecklenburg is a wonderful father and everyone needs to know the truth about what happened their accusations are ridiculous and have made everyone in the family suffer. he is innocent

2006-04-18 16:24:53 -
I have know Mike Tecklenburg and his family for many years. Mike is one of the best fathers I have ever seen. Even with the lies that have been said about him, the family must try to live their lives again. People need to know the TRUTH about what went on!!! DDA Janet Smith is a crook, and she needs to be stopped.

2005-11-01 11:32:36 -
How do you explain the porn on his computer? I'm not accusing, I'm just wondering if an explanation has been offered for that aspect of the case.

2004-09-17 21:35:32 -
I've known Mike well for six years. His adoptive daughter is the victim of an abusive home. She has been in therapy for years. She has a history of compulsive lying. This iarrest is a knee jerk reaction and a product of the current climate of assuming someone is guiilty until proven innocent.

Mike may be found innocent, that's no guarantee, but what we do know is his career has been destroyed, his reputation, and his private life is in severe turmoil.

So much for caution and jurisprudence on the behalf of San Joaquin County law inforcement. what we now have is an inquisition.
Steve Jordan

Total 5 comments
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