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Discussion : Brazil is Hackers Favourite

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2009-11-13 17:18:38 - Joey
Thanks for ruining Pangya, you BRoaches.

2009-09-21 08:33:14 - Silvio
If you guys wanna be hacker! let's start now.....
you can get some information on the youtube, brazilian hacker nomaly post in there how to use some software...
good luck lamer...........

2009-08-08 11:16:57 -
andy smith, Ahmed no one is going to teach you "how to be a hacker".A HACKER is not a bad person, a cracker is the bad, a hacker is a computer problem solver...
Now, as I can read from your posts you are reluctant to teach yourself anything about computers.We hackers look at you as people who want to get everything 4 free, as each and every one of us has thought everything himself...We call you lamers...

2009-05-08 04:09:52 -
i like hackers and hacking but how to become a hacker tell me i am waiting.....

2007-09-14 23:36:44 -

2005-01-11 13:08:11 -

buudy i am andy i am very intersting in a hacking any body teach me online pls
i do best if i can

2004-09-18 15:10:06 -
how to hack programme

Total 7 comments
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