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Storm computer virus

Date: August 15, 2007

About the same time the American FBI revealed that it has gone out and tried to count the number of PCs that have been taken over by criminals for use in computer crime (as botnets for spamming, DDOS attacks to shut down web sites, etc) or Cyber War activities (like the current Chinese attacks against U.S. military networks), the biggest botnet ever seen was being built.

The Storm computer virus had been spreading since early in the year, grabbing control of PCs around the world. By August, Storm had infected nearly two million computers with a secret program that turned those PCs into unwilling slaves (or "zombies") of those controlling this network (or botnet) of computers. Many of you may have noticed a lot of recent spam directing you to look at an online greeting card, or accompanied by pdf files. That was Storm, the largest single spam campaign ever.
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