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Internet scam! Beware!

Date: June 15, 2007

If you're thinking of selling your car, computer-- or really anything on the internet, beware of a cheque scam going around.

RCMP Sergeant Brad Kaeding says a buyer sends a cheque for a product that's way more than the asking price on the internet, and then the seller cashes the cheque. The buyer asks for the excess money to be sent back to them for whatever reason.

A few days after the cheque is cashed, the bank tells the seller it's a fake and then the person is on the hook for all the original money. Kaeding says there are a couple of things to look out for.

He says more often than not, the cheques are NOT in the name of the person you've been talking to or communicating with, in fact, the person may be from another country altogether.

He adds that no one should be sending someone extra money for a product they're buying. If they do, that should raise alarm bells.
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