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A hacker or a musician?

Date: June 15, 2004
Source: Computer Crime Research Center
By: Ludmila Goroshko

Annual Young Musicians International Competition took place in Sanguinetto, Italy. More than one hundred of musicians from Europe, the US and Canada competed for the main prize. The first premium and a special prize of the competition -- EUR 10,000 and the right to record a solo disk for free -- was won by Ilya Gofman, Yuri Bashmet's advanced student, viola-player.

Truly, Mr. Gofman became famous several years ago not entirely due to his musical achievements. He was the first who was prosecuted as a hacker in Russia. In his second year at the conservatory, being the best Yuri Bashmet's learner, he hacked through the Internet into a certain Russian bank and transferred a huge sum to a credit card in his spare time. The machination would have been unnoticed, but hacker's accomplices used this card for shopping.

As a result bank security service tracked out scammers and Ilya Gofman has been behind bars for a year waiting for the proceeding, and for an obvious reason he couldn't practice his skills as a viola-player. Almost all famous musicians and teachers of the conservatory interceded for him. And finally, the court exculpated Gofman having obliged him to pay out a "borrowed" sum from the bank.

A year after release a young hacker-musician became a laureate of Bashmet's competition and now became a winner of the respected international competition.

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