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Nigeria: Firm Poised to Fight Internet Crime

Date: March 15, 2008
By: Idris Ahmed

Determined to create a conducive business environment in Nigeria as well as other parts of African continent, an indigenous technological company in Nigeria has begun the process of anti-cyber crime campaign.

The company, Global Network for Cybersolution Limited said they are working to promote three basic core African "cyber-agenda". The agenda, according to Segun Olumide, the Ag. Coordinator of the company includes "anti-cybercrime agenda, anti-cyberpiracy agenda and cybersecurity agenda". He said: "anti-piracy war and campaign is strongly similar to global war against drug traffickers because of gross multiplier negative effect on national and international economies. Nations loose enormous human and capital investments that are capable of crippling the entire computing world if not curtailed."

He said cyber security is a problem common to all African nations which must be tackled as soon as possible. He added:"The need for cybersecurity is becoming greater as African countries become more reliant on information systems for every aspect of daily life. This increased reliance also brings increased vulnerability to criminal cyber attacks which can cause system down time and concomitant economic loses." He said as African nations were poised to adopt information and communication technology (ICT), her desires to make use of such ICT for development might not be realised unless "adopt a sound and countrywide oriented awareness program. "Therefore, cybersecurity depends on the IT security practices of every country, every business, and every citizen to which we are connected", he said.

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