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St. Valentine virus

Date: February 15, 2007

US security company PandaLabs is warning PC users to be on guard against any romantic messages received by email as they may contain malicious code. The company has warned of the Nurech.A worm which appeared last week which hides in emails with subjects like: "Together You and I," "Til the End of Time Heart of Mine." The name of the attached file carrying the malware is always an executable file and has names such as flash postcard.exe or greeting postcard.exe.

Other malicious codes PandaLabs says is currently infecting users include Nuwar.D. This worm arrives in messages with subjects like "5 reasons I love you" or "A kiss for you."

"As Valentine's Day approaches this year we are already seeing a proliferation of computer threats and spam using this lure. As a general rule, don't open any suspicious email, regardless of what is says it contains. Instead of going on instincts, let a security solution decide whether it's safe to open it or not," says PandaLabs technical director Luis Corrons.
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2007-07-06 05:18:47 - I love u michael leasky. Give me some love. Nick Gordon
2007-07-02 08:11:11 - I LOVE ST VALENTINES DAY! michael leask
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