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Date: February 15, 2007

With the recent amendments being approved by the Cabinet, the Information Technology Act 2000 (The Act) is all set to silence critics with its new Avatar. The Act, much maligned for its supposed inadequacies, has undergone major surgery. Malignant parts have been removed and life-saving transplants have been made. Whether, the surgery has been able to able to expunge the inadequacies still remains to be seen.

Not surprisingly, popular belief links cyber law to punishments for hacking. The reasons are not hard to find. Hacking seems to conjure images of dark, shadowy alleyways, populated with Keanu Reeves’s ‘Neo’isque figures juggling with the world of bits and bytes that magically transform into six and nine digit figures in the hacker’s bank account and dodge bullets,

Not many may know that the Act is more about the complex and highly versatile world of digital signatures than it is about the fascinating world of hacking. Personally, though, I believe cryptography (on which the concept of digital signatures is based) will give hacking a run for its money if measured by the yardsticks of romanticism and intrigue.”
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