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Romanian hacker broke into Arizona University

Date: February 15, 2006
By: Djamila Grossman

Hackers broke into the computer system of the University of Arizona journalism department, and students were unable to use the computers Monday.

All of the department's Apple Macintosh computers were affected and have been logged off the server and the Internet until the problem is solved, said Jacqueline Sharkey, head of the department.

No information has been lost so far, she said.

It was unclear Monday how long it would take to fix the security leak, she said. "It's a very serious issue, and we took action immediately," Sharkey said.

Department officials uncovered the problem during the weekend when they ran a security check on the computers.

Many of the computers have had issues in the past weeks that led to temporary shutdowns, but Sharkey said everyone thought it was a hardware problem.

The computers are protected by a password, and Sharkey said she suspects that the hackers got through by trying "again and again and again."

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