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Former U.S. Hacker Mitnick Meets Journalists in Moscow

Date: February 15, 2005
Source: The Moscow News

Kevin Mitnick, formerly one of the most famous U.S. hackers and now the head of a computer consulting company, held a press conference in Moscow on Sunday.

Mitnick, quoted by the Kommersant newspaper, said experienced hackers would rather act through the company’s employees than attack its computer system end on. "Social engineering, i.e. penetrating into data systems built up on persuading people, leaves no traces, and for the most part, is known to no one; moreover, almost always it is 100 percent efficient," he said.

Kevin Mitnick Consulting helps the departments of the U.S. government and international corporations protect their computer data.

Kommersant asked Mitnick why there was no word about his criminal past in the biography provided to the reporters before the press conference. "It was the decision of the organizers, though I conceal nothing in my past and am very much ashamed of what I used to do," the ex-hacker replied.

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