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Alicia Keys MySpace Scam

Date: November 14, 2007

It's easy to see how visitors to Alicia Keys' MySpace page could have accidentally clicked on the wrong spot last week and gotten whisked off to a Chinese website that tried to install malicious code onto their computers.

The buttons to play Keys' songs were clearly marked — and clean — but almost every other image on the site, including the full-sized background photo of the diva herself, had been hacked in such a way that merely clicking on it could infect visitors' computers with malware. So if you happened to click on Keys' bare midriff on Nov. 8, you would have been siphoned to a murky corner of cyberspace: a site that attempted to install a program that could trick you into buying fake anti-virus software, record the credit card information you used to buy it, and secretly log every other user name and password you typed into your computer as well.
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