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Phone hacked for $6000

Date: November 14, 2006

Jeannine Dorrin waits for her five thousand dollar phone bill to disappear. "I about dropped my teeth," she says, describing her reaction to opening the bill. "It was like, oh my goodness."

She says someone from AT &T called her to say her business phone had been hacked. A hacker used her call forwarding feature to make his own calls. "They called all those places, Iran, Iraq, Ethiopia, Egypt, Sudan, some places I can't even pronounce and ran the bill up to $6000."

Jeanine says AT &T took off a thousand dollars it charged. But nearly nine months after the first call was made, Verizon says she owes it forty-nine hundred. "AT &T had dropped their thousand dollar charges, they just took these off and every time I called Verizon they said oh yeah, you've called here before."
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