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Child pornography online

Date: October 14, 2007

Detective Lt. John “JJ” McLean recalls the first time he encountered child pornography online. It was 1992, on a “bulletin board” system, a rickety precursor to the Internet.

The forum involved a tiny dial-up computer network with a puny 20 megabytes of memory. But even then, cyberpervs were swapping pictures of naked children.

McLean worked with the FBI to bust up the ring, known as the Boston Eagle’s Nest. It led the shoe-leather Medford cop into a career as a cybersleuth.

“From the onset, I said this is going to be a workhorse,” said McLean, a former Marine and member of the Secret Service Uniform Division. “It was after subsequent cases that I saw a future in it.”

Fifteen years later, McLean is prized statewide for his investigative work and teaching skill in the areas of cybercrime and digital evidence. He is regarded by Attorney General Martha Coakley and others as the state’s leading expert in the field.
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