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Hackers use PSP hole

Date: September 14, 2006
By: Charles Starrett

According to a report by Panda Software, there is a buffer overflow vulnerability that could be used to run malicious code on any PSP with firmware capable of viewing TIFF files. The company said that proof-of-concept code already exists that can be run using this vulnerability. Panda was responsible for detecting the Format.A and Tahen Trojans that were designed to target the PSP last year.

"The vulnerability is particularly dangerous as it could be exploited through malicious code programmed for this purpose or even directly by hackers," said Luis Corrons, director of PandaLabs. "It is highly recommended not to install software on consoles that does not come from reliable sources, and before doing so it is advisable to scan it first with an updated antivirus solution. Similarly, external communication by USB, IrDA or Wi-Fi should not be established with untrustworthy consoles or computers that could transfer unwanted information."
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