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You can pay for online child porn with ... VISA, ...?

Date: September 14, 2005
Source: The
By: Christina Odone

IF IT’S not illegal, then it’s OK. That is the secular, moral relativist approach to life — which I am attacking in a television programme tomorrow evening. To take one example of where it leads, just look (if you can bear it) at a revolting website called, featuring underage girls in provocative poses.

This site, because its girls are scantily clad rather than naked, and are not shown as victims of obvious abuse, counts as soft rather than hardcore porn. It will thus not be covered by the Government’s commendable, if belated, planned legislation against extreme sexual content on the internet.

But lilamber is shameful none the less — and particularly to the supposedly respectable institutions, such as banks and credit card companies, that allow it to flourish by handling payments by its subscribers.
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