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Former pastor faces fraud charges

Date: August 14, 2005

Milford police have charged the former pastor of a Waterbury church with fraud involving an Internet scam.

Fifty-two-year-old Victor Whitworth has been charged with defrauding a credit union and using the money to take part in an e-mail scam in which operators pose as Nigerian government officials.

Police say Whitworth forged his name on a check for more than $16,000, then used the money to participate in an e-mail scam that they said has cost victims millions of dollars.

Participants pose as Nigerian government officials, then try to persuade people to send them money and bank account numbers. People are told in e-mails or letters that they can earn money by helping to funnel funds from Nigeria to the U.S.

Whitworth says he himself is a victim of the so-called Nigerian e-mail scams.
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