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IT experts: Revise computer crime law

Date: July 14, 2008


The Computer Association of Thailand may propose an amendment of the Computer Crime Law, saying the first year of enforcement was causing many problems for users.

Association president Srisak Jamornmarn said a seminar on computer crime would be held on July 23-24 to gather thoughts on the effects of the law.

He said participants would discuss real-life problems, particularly from the use of computers for illegal activities at internet cafes and schools.

He said that schools or internet cafes could not effectively monitor computer use or ID cards, but these venues were held responsible if a crime was committed on their computers.

Vuthipong Pongsuwan, an adviser to Software Park Co Ltd and the association's secretary-general, said he was optimistic that the seminar might also lead to amendments related to the required 90-day period for data collection.

He said the association felt the 90-day period was too long and should be shortened or should have a more international standard for data collection.

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