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Forensic computer analysts become real employment in police divisions

Date: June 14, 2008

A new career within the information technology faculty has emerged. Most crime bursting laboratories are employing Forensic computer analyst (FCA). The role of these employees is to assess computers and other technological hardware for evidence of cyber crime. E-Crimes are crimes that are committed against or while using computers. These cases are on a high and the need to curb on cyber crimes which include hacking, spamming phishing and online fraud is very urgent in the IT sector.

The forensic computer analyst collects and analyzes evidence from computers regardless of the fact that the criminal deleted or corrupted this evidence. Forensic computer crime busters are using computer operating systems such as Windows, Linux and Unix and specialist software programs that can recover lost data or work out encrypted information. These new crime busters are being incorporate din police divisions like the National High-Tech Crime Unit in London.

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